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Can Mindfulness/meditation help us find happiness? Vlog #5

6 July 2018 In this video we take a look into how mindfulness can impact our happiness and fulfilment! We take a look at how mindfulness can help us increase our happiness whilst maintaining a kinder approach to ourselves and others.
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If you feel like its difficult letting things go..WATCH THIS

30 June 2018 In this video I explain the the role to acceptance in our meditation/mindfulness practice! We look at what acceptance actually is and focus our attenton on how it can play a fundemental role in your day to day life!
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WATCH THIS to unlock your meditation practice! Vlog #3 Meditation

22 June 2018
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If you are skeptical about meditation WATCH THIS

10 May 2018
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The Profound Effects Of Meditation On The Mind

4 June 2017 Life can feel like it’s moving at a VERY fast pace. Sometimes, it can be exciting and all-encompassing, like you’re riding an energetic wave of creativity and excitement. At other times, it can feel overwhelming and frantic. Which side of the coin are you currently on? Do you feel stressed and burnt out trying to
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